For as long as we can remember, we’ve always been told to keep vodka in the freezer… purely because it keeps it freezing cold without freezing it, right?

The Bunnings of Booze, aka Dan Murphy’s, recently poured cold water on the common household rule for your voddy, except if it’s a lower quality one (rude).

Apparently keeping the rough stuff in the freezer could dull it enough to make it more palatable.

Keeping in mind that if extreme cold conceals flavour flaws, it will do the same to vodkas that have enjoyable characteristics you want to actually taste – so your higher-quality vodka with more enjoyable, delicate notes and flavours should be kept out of the freezer.

So, if you’ve splashed out on good one, where are we supposed to keep it?

Dan Murphy’s reckons that the optimal drinking temperature of vodka, generally speaking, is anywhere between 0 to 3.8C – which is basically the fridge.

Might put this into some kind of practice this week for, you know, research.