We have to be honest, we get a little bit nervous when Menz announce a new Fruchocs flavour.

And that’s not because we don’t trust the Menz chocolate lab (we’re assuming there’s a laboratory filled with choccy-loving scientists in chocolate-stained labcoats over at the Glynde factory). It’s just that there’s an age-old rule about messing around with greatness. ie. You don’t mess around with greatness.

But you can colour us intrigued by this development, because it kinda makes a lot of sense. Orange-flavoured Fruchocs. Feels right, huh?

Menz let us know that the iconic South Aussie snack will come in their new tangy orange flavour from April 1st around Adelaide. And they’ve assured us that it’s not an April Fool’s prank.

You’ll be able to grab the new flavour in Drakes Supermarkets from April 1, then in Woolies and some independent supermarkets from early May.

What do you reckon? Love the idea of orange Fruchocs or does this sound as bad as those chocolate oranges that you see going for 50 cents at servos because they’ve been grabbed by every kid that walks past.

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