Correct us if we’re wrong here, but there was nothing that made you feel fancier growing up than a Viennetta ice cream cake.

It’s true, right? We’re not entirely sure why, but something about the ridiculous concertina-d ice cream, the dusting of chocolate and the vaguely European-sounding name got a family feeling more Saint-Denis than St Albans.

But this development has sent the Viennetta to uncharted levels on the Gold 104.3 fancy scale.* Gelato Messina have their very own Viennetta ice cream cake, and they’re about to drop a neapolitan version of it.

If you’re a Masterchef aficionado you’re rolling your eyes at this news, because the cake made its TV debut on the show’s Pressure Test earlier this week.

Each cake is hand made, featuring vanilla sponge, chocolate gelato, vanilla gelato and strawberry gel with chocolate shards and chantilly cream to top it off.

And while the folks at Messina say that it feeds 10-14 people, we’re sceptical, because we’ve seen how quickly one person can polish off a Viennetta.

The cake is only available in-store at Gelato Messina between 16th-18th June.


*Not an official scale, although we are lobbying for it to be recognised by the ABS. Sign our petition.

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