It’s happened to all of us: that email or text message from the bank that might seem legit on first glance, but just feels a bit…off?

Financial scams like these cost Aussies more than $3 billion last year and Optus are finally putting the foot down.

Their new ‘Call Stop’ scheme will intercept phone calls from customers to identified scam numbers, with an automated message instead playing a pre-recorded warning.

The Call Stop voice message will tell the caller: “The number you have called has been reported as being used for scam activities”.

Suspected scam numbers will then be flagged by the major banks, the Australian Financial Crimes Exchange (AFCX) and Optus, in the first joint-effort of its type in Australia.

“It’ll give customers piece of mind that actually their bank account hasn’t been tampered with” said Optus Vice President of Regulatory and Public Affairs Andrew Sheridan.

Until then, it’s best to remain aware, with call back scams on the rise throughout 2023.


The telco giant says it is currently blocking almost five millions calls and 10 millions texts a month.

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