We all know the faked moon landing theory but ever heard of the fake eclipse theory? Well, a news station in Mexico has aired one live on TV…kind of.

RCG media broadcast the total solar eclipse on April 8th to their audience expecting, captivating footage….and they did technically get that I guess. When the broadcast cut to the footage of the eclipse they were surprised by a video of a man’s private parts.

As one of the first countries in the world to be able to view the eclipse the network had asked their viewers to submit footage. The plan was to be first to air from all different angles and build their community. Checking these videos clearly took a backseat though when a man’s testicles passed slowly in front of a light. In defence of the show, it did still involve big balls. In the words of one social media user, “This is the most elaborate ‘DEEZ NUTS’ joke I’ve ever seen”.

Total solar eclipses takes place every 18 months…so if you ever want to witness one that’s good enough to make it to TV you now know you can probably just DIY your own at home.

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