If you’re a fan of mixing your salties and your sweeties then you KNOW the ultimate combo is pouring a bag of Maltesers into a box of butter salt popcorn.

Nothing beats it as a movie snack, I won’t hear otherwise.

Because of this, I UNDERSTAND why Malteser’s thought… ‘Popcorn flavoured Maltesers should work!’, but honestly… I don’t respect it.

Spotted by the Sherlock Holmes of snack food, Foodfindsgeelong posted about the product and her review is exactly what I feared!

“the popcorn flavor is almost too strong.”

Artificial popcorn flavouring makes me GAG, but hey you might love it!


Don’t let my bad attitude affect your adventurous spirit!

Looks like you can get these bags at Woolworths but they’re not listed online yet so it might be a slow launch.

Good luck fellow snack finding fiends, I wish you the best!


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