We all know you can’t call champagne champagne unless it was made in Champagne, France, because the French get a little sensitive. So, like true Australians, we’ve started calling champagne “sparkling wine” because… well… it’s wine that sparkles.

Allow me to introduce you to your new favourite “sparkling wine” *wink* made right here in Australia!

The legends at ‘Croser’ have been producing some of Australia’s best sparkling wines in Piccadilly Valley, in the Adelaide Hills, since 1985 but their latest taste adventure will make even the most seasoned enjoyers-of-bubbles excited. They’ve teamed up with 78 Degrees Distillery to create a wine range infused with bespoke botanicals and dear lord that sounds delicious.

The wine is made by the ‘traditional method’ but during the process 78 Degrees Distillery’s signature botanicals are added invoking a unique aroma and flavour to the sparkling wine. YUM!

Croser NV X 78° and Croser NV Rosé X 78° are available nationally at Dan Murphy’s and through their website here. Enjoy responsibly!

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