KFC didn’t want the lefties feeling left out. So they’ve serving up left-handed takes on fan-favs for as little as 50c!

The menu will include $1 Zinger Burgers (!!!) from Thursday 20 October, followed by other delicious deals for 10 days until Sunday 30 October, including $1 Popcorn Chicken and $1 Twisters!

Keen lefties (and righties) can get these delicious goods by jumping on the KFC App at 1.00pm AEDT to be one of the first 11,000 people to nab a left-handed treat each day.

And if you’re wondering why KFC is doing any of this, well it may come as surprise that left-handers make up 11% of the population.

We all know KFC do chicken right, but now it’s time to do chicken left.

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