Last year, Australians took to social media welcoming back the original In A Biskit Chicken and Drumstix Flavours, with one TikTok video earning almost 800,000 views. In A Biskit is now introducing three new flavours to give fans even more reason to snack.

Cheese Burger is In A Biskit’s crispy-textured take on a classic with notes of pickle, mustard and ketchup flavours in every bite.

Cheese Burger is exclusive to Woolworths supermarkets from late August. 

Hold the phone, when it comes to the crunch and cheesy meaty flavoured mouthful, In A Biskit Smoky Meatlovers delivers on both. 

Smoky Meatlovers will be available nationwide at Coles, Woolworths and selected independent supermarkets from late August.


Loaded Cheese wedges in a big cheese flavour into a mourishly crispy morsel.

Loaded Cheese will be stocked at Coles and selected independent supermarkets nationwide from early September.