With the alternative milk market skyrocketing, it’s not wonder some diary drinkers feel a little left out.

If you’re unsure about trying alternative milk because you don’t want to waste your money on a carton that won’t be used, rest assured we have a crash course on some of the best oat milk on the market.

For lovers of the plain and simple; the dash of milk in your coffee or tea, here’s a milk made just for you. It works well for cooking and it has a texture that’s slightly less full than diary but still serves nicely in hot beverages.

A personal favourite of mine is any barista edition oat milk. This will give you the full texture of diary milk, but won’t leave you feeling heavy or bloated after (this one is for my IBS queens). It honestly doesn’t matter if you have one of those fancy coffee machines with the steam wand. I find that popping this milk in the microwave for 45 seconds and then giving it a whirl with one of those $7.50 IKEA milk frother’s can create a similar texture to a barista made coffee. Hot tip, it also works with hot chocolate… just pop the powder in and give it a whirl, it’s a game changer.

So we’ve looked at all avenues of why oat milk does a better job than diary, or have we? As Aussie’s there’s a staple in our lives that’s almost just as important as oxygen and it’s our choccy milks. You go to any other country and the selection of choccy milk is nothing compared to what we have. If you’re concerned that going the non-diary route means no more choccy milk then stress no more. You can actually get chocolate flavoured oat milk in a carton! I would describe the taste as what the milk tastes like after eating a bowl of Coco Pops, it’s a thick and filling choccy milk that’s incredibly moreish!


So with all these alternative options, will you be giving oat milk a try on World Plant Milk Day?