So, have you ever been driving along a winding road, minding your own business, and suddenly noticed those mysterious green stickers on the roadside poles? No? Well, lucky for you, we’re here to solve this great mystery!

Apparently, those reflective white poles are called guide posts and, according to Roads and Waterways NSW, they “outline the edges of the roadway.” But wait, there’s more! If the guide post has a green sticker on it, that means there’s a safe place to pull over coming up soon. And if you see three green stickers, that means you’ve got 500m to go, two stickers means 250m, and one sticker means you’re at the safe spot.

This green sticker initiative was originally meant for truck drivers, but anyone can use it. However, if you’re not hauling heavy cargo or driving a caravan, maybe stick to the regular rest stops, yeah?

And speaking of rest stops, with millions of people hitting the roads this Easter weekend, let’s make sure we’re all planning ahead, getting enough rest, and not driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as the Department of Transport Victoria reminds us.