Martin Scorsese is delving into the world of biopics, tackling the lives of two icons: Frank Sinatra and Jesus.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker is reportedly revisiting the idea of a biopic based on the legendary crooner, a project he has been linked with previously. Rumours suggest that his longtime collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to portray Sinatra himself. Variety broke the news, highlighting DiCaprio’s recent collaborations with Scorsese in films like “Killers of the Flower Moon,” along with their past work on biopics such as “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Aviator.”

However, the project faces a hurdle as Frank Sinatra’s daughter Tina Sinatra, who controls her father’s estate, has not yet approved a film adaptation of his life story. Despite this, Scorsese is already eyeing DiCaprio for the lead role and considering Jennifer Lawrence to portray screen star Ava Gardner, Sinatra’s second wife.

Meanwhile, Scorsese is also casting for his upcoming feature “A Life of Jesus,” based on Shūsaku Endō’s 1973 book “Silence.” Andrew Garfield and Miles Teller are in talks for roles, and filming is expected to commence later this year across Israel, Italy, and Egypt. The production of “A Life of Jesus” appears to be prioritised over the Apple Original film “The Wager,” also starring DiCaprio.

Scorsese aims to present Jesus’ core teachings in a non-proselytising manner, making it more accessible and removing negative connotations associated with organised religion. Additionally, he is involved in other projects, including a biblical series for Fox Nation and a collaboration with Steven Spielberg on a “Cape Fear” series for Apple TV+. Spielberg is also venturing into sci-fi territory with an upcoming U.F.O. feature based on his original story, while continuing his work on the Apple TV+ series “Masters of the Air.”

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