Homegrown stars The Matildas achieved their greatest-ever World Cup victory last night, taking down Canada 4-0 in a dominating performance that was, in our humble opinion, the greatest sporting moment of recent memory.

On The Christian O’Connell Show they discuss the exhilarating match, the pride they feel for our World Cup team and how the Matildas are changing history and inspiring a new generation of athletes.

“This is incredible that all these little girls can actually see people, these women, doing incredible things,” said producer Caitlin, “And they can see themselves doing that one day and that’s an option.”

Christian’s daughter who was at the game said that ‘this is the one of the most amazing experiences of my life’.

“Just being there with everyone watching history, watching these girls do something on a world stage. Magnificent.”

“It really felt like we were seeing a big shift in history.”