Can you believe we’re about to wrap up another trip around the sun? New Year’s – it’s either the underrated hero of holidays or the one that gets hyped up a bit too much, depending on whether you’re rocking the 9 pm bedtime vibe (no judgment) or staying up until midnight to catch those epic fireworks.

But let’s face it, regardless of your NYE style, it’s that magical time of year where we all start thinking about the approaching year. What’s in store for us, and what epic changes are we gonna pull off? Now, we’ve all been down the road of setting near-impossible resolutions – going to the gym, saving copious amount of money, or becoming the next literary genius by penning that life-changing book. You know, the classics.

But here’s a thought: what if we took those resolutions and gave them a little remix? Picture this: Instead of sweating over impossible goals, let’s pick a word or feeling that we want to vibe within the coming year. Set goals, big or small, that revolve around that vibe. And when you’re faced with a tough decision, just ask yourself: Does this move me closer to living within that feeling, or am I straying off course?

Now, we get it – traditional advice says New Year’s resolutions should be specific, time-bound, and announced to the world for maximum accountability. But what if we flipped the script? What if the secret sauce to success is in making resolutions broad, ongoing, and keeping them on the down-low?

So, here’s the deal: Let’s make resolutions that are as wild and free as your favourite playlist. Whether it’s conquering the world or just conquering your living room dance floor, the key is to keep it fun, keep it ongoing, and maybe, just maybe, keep it a little secret. As we gear up for another trip around the calendar, let’s ditch the pressure and crank up the good vibes!”

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