Last year when Zooper Dooper released flavoured milk it had fans going wild.

Now they’re back again! This time in two new limited edition flavours; Fairy Floss and Cola Spider!

Along with this Zooper Dooper has done what we’ve been dreaming about for years and will release a limited edition single-flavour pack of Fairy Floss water ice. Featuring 24 tubes of the sweet and candied flavour, which you may recognise from the Zooper Dooper cosmic range. With a one pack fits all offering, there is no battle over who gets what flavour in the pack – it’s the simplest way to have a Zooper summer.

• Zooper Dooper Fairy Floss flavoured milk will be available in Woolworths from October 3rd and other retailers from October 24th

• Zooper Dooper Fairy Floss Water Ice 24 Pack will be available exclusively at Coles from October 3rd

• Zooper Dooper Milk Cola Spider will be available exclusively at Coles from October 24th

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