Violet Crumble has released a brand new ‘Shake Me’ egg to make Easter a little wack this year.

The 150gram milk chocolate shell has big ole’ Violet Crumble nuggets inside it, which is gonna make the moment you crush it that more satisfying.

If Violet Crumble is your fave flavour then it’s a good year for you because there are other brand new treats that you can enjoy.

Milk and caramel bunnies are joining the fam and a HUGE 1 Kilogram Violet Crumble egg will also be available but only at Costco (sorry guys).

If size isn’t what you’re about then Violet Crumble Solid Mini Eggs are also available, with crisp pieces of violet crumble inside.


“We love coming up with new ways to please Violet Crumble lovers each year and the addition of the ‘Shake Me’ Egg to the Easter range is a surefire winner with the Violet Crumble lover in your life,” said Phil Sims, CEO of Menz.

“We wanted to shatter all expectations with our Easter offering this year and we believe there’s something for everyone in the 2022 range – from the giant 1kg Violet Crumble hollow egg to the milk and caramel bunnies!”

Other than the 1KG egg, the rest of the Violet Crumble products will be available nationwide.

Happy Easter!