Get your clothesline ready, UDL has dropped Margarita goons!

This is going to be especially exciting for anyone by the name of Marg, Gary, and Rita (even Gazza works!)

If this is your name, you could be one of the lucky Aussies to claim a new UDL 2L cask Margarita on us.

All you need to do is slide into the @UDL_Australia DMs and tell them in 25 words or less “What’s your favourite way to enjoy a margarita?”. The margie-loving entrants over the age of 18 with eligible names will get their hands on the UDL 2L cask Margarita to share and enjoy.

The cask is available for $34.00 and is currently on sale for $30.00 at BWS! It’s also available in a can which you can grab a four-pack for $28.00 and on sale for $20.00 at BWS.


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