Shapes fans have asked for years and now Arnott’s is delivering the goods!

The mad-scientist bakers behind Shapes have extracted that iconic Barbecue flavour from the biscuit and put it in Shapes Flavour Shakers so you can shake the flavour on any food your heart desires.

Shapes fans won’t need to worry about tipping the flavour out of the box anymore, with the Shapes Barbecue-inspired seasoning available in sachets for easy sprinkling on hot chips, popcorn, or an endless array of Shapes-ified foods.

Research commissioned by Arnott’s also revealed that if Aussies had a substantial amount of Arnott’s Shapes flavour dust they would use it for:

    • Hot chips (42%)
    • Coating for meat, chicken, fish (35%)
    • Roast vegetables (33%)
    • Season dip/hummus (27%)
    • Flavouring for sauces/gravies (22%)
    • Season rice or pasta (15%)
    • Sprinkle on ice cream (8%)

A limited number of FREE Shapes Flavour Sachets will be available to claim – the first 2,500 applicants who visit and register their details will receive a set of sachets in the post – it’s that easy!

They’re available from today so get shakin’!

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