Messina’s incredible Pick ‘N’ Mix is back alongside their gorgeous chokkie blocks filling their online stores.

Based off fan fave Messina gelato, you’ll be able to get your fave flavour in the form of a chocolate bar as well as two brand new varieties, Waffle Cone Bites, and Mocha Almonds.

The following flavours will be available in clusters, bites, and bars including the incredibly popular Neapolitan Bar is available as of… NOW!


MR POTATO HEAD CLUSTERS – potato chips and salted peanuts coated in Messina white chocolate (approx 110g)

STRAWBACCIO – candied pistachios coated in Messina strawberry chocolate (approx 200g)


MOCHA ALMONDS – roasted almonds coated in coffee white chocolate and milk chocolate (approx 200g)

GIANDUIA CLUSTERS – roasted hazelnuts coated in Messina milk chocolate and crispy wafer flakes (approx 200g)

JUST A PINCH BITES – pretzel crunch coated in Messina milk chocolate (approx 170g)

WAFFLE CONE BITES – caramelised waffle cones coated in milk chocolate (approx 170g)

CONE-CEPTION BLOCK – caramelised white chocolate mixed with cone crunch crumbs (approx 100g)

FAIRY BREAD BLOCK – white chocolate mixed with dehydrated toast crumbs, sprinkled with 100’s & 1000’s (approx 100g)


NEAPOLITAN BLOCK – milk chocolate, white chocolate with Heilala vanilla, strawberry chocolate infused with freeze dried strawberries (approx 100g)

Head to the site to order and for more pricing information.

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