McDonalds love to drop fun limited-edition items like their recent Cheesy Jalapeño bites or Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey McFlurry.

This time, a true Aussie icon has taken the spotlight – the potato scallop.

The perfect combination of crunchy tempura coating and fluffy potato served with chicken salt.

Of course, it has left us asking the question…why on God’s green earth has Macca’s opted to call them Potato Scallops and not their rightful name: Potato Fritters?

Are we going to get laughed out of the store when we go into Macca’s and order a Potato Fritter? How many good Victorians could order a Potato Scallop and still sleep soundly at night?

Available at Macca’s from January 11 for a limited time across all restaurants nationwide and via McDelivery.


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