Grill’d wants us all to live like billionaires to celebrate the release of The Batman!

From Tuesday the 22nd of February set foot on the finer side of life with Grill’d and their new Bruce Wayne inspired burger.

The luxurious burger is rich and sophisticated just like its namesake using top-tier ingredients like grass-fed Australian beef patties, brie cheese, Spanish onion, Hawthorn hot sauce, and double truffle mayo.

This burger is limited edition so you need to get your hands on it ASAP!

Ben Goss, Chief Marketing Officer, Grill’d says: ‘We cater to all types of tastes – billionaires included. Crafting the ‘Bruce Wayne Burger’ in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures was an incredible honour, both celebrating an iconic character and the biggest cinema release of 2022, ‘The Batman’. The ‘Bruce Wayne Burger’ is the most decadent burger on the menu so swoop into our restaurants before it disappears.’ 

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