Zooper Dooper & Green’s have collaborated to create the most delicious treats we’ve ever seen… not one, but three!

Fairy Floss Flavoured Cupcakes: The Fairy Floss Flavoured Cupcakes are deliciously fluffy flavoured cupcakes lathered in sweet nostalgic fairy floss flavoured icing.

Cola Flavoured Cake Bites: The Cola Flavoured Cake Bites are the refreshing cosmic cola flavoured cake bites you need, covered in a distinctive fun cola flavoured icing and coated in out of this world white sprinkles.

Raspberry Flavoured Mousse: The Green’s Zooper Dooper Inspired Raspberry Flavoured Mousse is a deliciously light and fluffy raspberry flavoured mousse mix that just needs milk!

To celebrate the release of the Green’s Zooper Dooper range, Zooper Dooper is launching a 24 pack of exclusively cola flavour only! Everyone’s favourite!

Get your hands on a box exclusively from Coles from September 11, 2023.

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