Just know before you read ahead that it’s wrong, it’s all wrong.

Arnott’s surveyed over 1,000 over the age of 18 (which obviously isn’t enough because the results are wrong) to find out which flavour was people’s #1.

The results are in, and here’s what we’re working with.

  • Original (37%)
  • Chewy Caramel (14%)
  • Double Coat (13.55%)
  • Dark Chocolate(13.02%)
  • Choc Mint (10%)
  • White Chocolate (9%)

I have a lot of opinions on this…

Firstly, unpopular opinion but… the ‘chewy’ fillings are SO overrated, there, I said it.

Secondly, Choc Mint shouldn’t be in the top 6 because just go have a Mint Slice if you want that flavour profile??


It’s OBVIOUSLY the superior mint biscuit.

Lastly and most importantly, DOUBLE COAT SHOULD BE FIRST?

It’s LITERALLY the best biscuit to exist ever, ever.

Perfect as is, but even more perfect with a Tim Tam slam because the double chocolate coating holds the biscuit perfectly in limbo between a warm melted mess and a solid biccy…

I need to go to Woolworths asap.

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