One of the most distinct pieces of music gear from the ‘80s Walkman era is Audio-Technica’s Sound Burger portable turntable.

So, get this: they’re reissuing it.

First released in 1983 and discontinued decades ago, the Sound Burger was compact and delivered a surprisingly decent sound.

Since the resurgence of vinyl records, Sound Burgers have also made a glacial-but-steady comeback, obviously dependent on the condition of the units. Some tired (but working!) Sound Burgers were selling on eBay for roughly $US500, or $AU780.

Now, Audio-Technica’s refreshed model, with a few more modern tweaks than the original, sells for $US200 ($AU310):

The AT-SB2022 Sound Burger offers high-quality sound reproduction with a belt-drive system that plays 33-⅓ and 45 RPM records. Updated with Bluetooth capabilities, this turntable can play your favourite vinyl records wirelessly for up to 12 hours. Enjoy a nostalgic, wired listening experience with the included audio cable.

Designed for both portability and stability, the tonearm employs a dynamic balance system in which stylus pressure is applied through a spring. The turntable also maintains stable rotation thanks to the high-precision DC motor. This unique turntable features a die-cast aluminum alloy platter with damping design and a replaceable ATN3600L stylus (sold separately).

One feature that’s not included are the complimentary pair of headphones… or the extendable cord hanger for said headphones.