There are more shows than ever available to watch on streaming, but we all know how hard it can be to choose. And if we’re being honest, a lot of the time it’s nicer just to watch reruns of whatever’s on the telly.

Now you can get the best of both worlds with a streaming service that is completely free to watch and offers over 50 channels dedicated to classic shows, including Daria, Nickelodeon cartoons, Baywatch, Beverly Hills 90210 and The Twilight Zone.

Diagnosis Murder

It’s called Pluto TV and all you need to do is head to Network Ten’s 10 Play platform and you’ll see the new channels built into the existing platform.

A hit in the US for decades, this is the first time Pluto has reached Australian shores.

Instead of getting stuck scrolling through shows to watch, Pluto offers channels – much like your regular TV programming. Expect to see ad breaks from time-to-time but you also won’t pay a cent to watch.

Check out all of Pluto TV’s channels steaming now via 10 Play.


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