Do you have an old favourite show you used to love and keep coming back to?

Today Christian and our listeners called in with some of their favourites that still stand the test of time.

Kath & Kim

An absolute classic that Christian recently re-visited with his daughter.

“If anything it made me laugh even harder than the early 2000s when we first got it. Still very funny now.”



Lisa thinks the original MacGyver series stands the test of time and the proof is here: here seven and 11-year olds love it!

“Had to buy the whole series and they just constantly watch it”

Fun fact: Comedian Henry Winkler was one of MacGyver’s co-creators!

The West Wing 


Prue swears by The West Wing as a series that ages well, so much so that she’s watched it probably 15 times.

What are your favourite old shows that still hold up in 2023?

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