Tom Cruise and Shakira were photographed hanging out at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami last weekend and a subsequent report about the actor being romantically interested in the singer has her fans on guard.

“He is extremely interested in pursuing her,” a source told Page Six on Tuesday. “There is chemistry.” The source went on, “Shakira needs a soft pillow to fall on, and that could be Tom,” adding that Cruise has the benefit of being “a nice-looking guy, and he is talented.”

After the report came out, the general consensus from Shakira fans online is: “Stay away from her.”

According to TMZ, the phrases “Get away from her” and “Stay away from her” were even trending on Twitter due to fans’ reactions to the reports.

The concerns stem from Cruise’s longstanding advocacy for the Church of Scientology. Last year, when Top Gun: Maverick was a box-office hit, actress Leah Remini spoke out against Cruise and his involvement with the group, which is largely referred to as a cult. “Tom Cruise knows exactly what goes on in Scientology,” she tweeted. “Don’t let the movie star charm fool you.”

Cruise has previously been married to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. According to Page Six, he most recently dated his Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell before splitting in June 2022.

As for Shakria, she recently went through a very public divorce after her ex-husband Gerard Piqué was allegedly having an affair with his now-girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.