Foo Fighters fans were in for a surprise over the weekend when Dave Grohl broke into an impromptu cover of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ during a break in their set closing-out the Ohana Festival in California on Sunday.

The band took a quick breather while an audience member was given medical attention.

He then, almost absent-mindedly, slowly began playing the opening bars of the Led Zeppelin classic.

“Should I stop playing while you take care of that?” Grohl asked the medical staff from the stage.

“Go take care of that. I’ll play something while you do that.”

While this was going on, of course the audience noticed and honestly, they sounded like they were ready for the epic song which, at its shortest, is roughly eight minutes.

“Did you figure that s*** out or do I have to play f***ing ‘Stairway to Heaven’?” Grohl asked.

“‘Cause I’ll f***ing play this motherf***er, you know that, right?”

After singing a few lines of the song, whatever was happening off-stage got sorted out and the band was able to get back to its own songs.

“Is that situation figured out? Great,” Grohl said.

“Thank God, ’cause that’s a long-ass f***ing song. It gets awkward when it speeds up and you’re making out — ‘What do I do with my girlfriend at the dance now?’”

The Foos wrapped the set with their own hit, “Best of You.”

Watch it here: