Pet Shop Boys are calling out rapper Drake over his use of ‘West End Girls’ in his new track ‘All the Parties’, without permission or credit.

The atmospheric synth-heavy track is one of 23 on Drake’s much-anticipated new album For All The Dogs which dropped this week.

Around the 2m 37s mark, you hear the familiar lyric and melody.

“It’s 6, our town a dead-end world,” Drake’s autotuned voice sings. “East End boys and West End girls, yeah.”

The original ‘West End Girls’ was released twice as a single, in 1984 then again after it was re-recorded for their first studio album, 1985’s Please.

The Brit-synth icons posted to social media that Drake didn’t give credit or request permission for the chorus.


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“Surprising to hear Drake singing the chorus of ‘West End Girls’ in the track ‘All the Parties’ on his new album,” the band wrote. “No credit given or permission requested.”

Drake has not responded to the Pet Shop Boys’ post, nor has his reps yet responded to requests for comment by outlets such as Rolling Stone.

The magazine ranked ‘West End Girls’ #65 on their list of 200 Greatest Dance Songs of All Time and #433 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Here’s the Drake track:

And the original: