Move over Hamm & Bublé, because Michael Bublé just took the stage with the Foo Fighters and totally rocked it! This unexpected collaboration happened during the Foo Fighters’ mind-blowing set at Outside Lands 2023. But hold up, rewind a bit – how did this incredible mashup even come about?

So, the Foo Fighters are introducing their new drumming sensation, Josh Freese, to the world. And how do they do it? By jamming out to some of the artists Freese has worked with in the past, like Devo, Nine Inch Nails, and even the Beastie Boys. But wait for it… one of those artists is the one and only Michael Bublé. 🤯

Now, picture this: Dave Grohl, the rock legend himself, is leading the Foo Fighters through their set and realizes he doesn’t quite remember the lyrics to Bublé’s hit “Haven’t Met You Yet.” Classic, right? So, Grohl comes up with a genius idea – he starts inviting fans who claim to know the song onto the stage to belt it out.

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Cut to the epic moment at Outside Lands. Grohl spots a sign that says “I <3 Bublé,” and who’s holding it? None other than the man himself, Michael Bublé! Cue the cheers, the screams, and the electrifying performance that followed. Grohl jokes around, saying, “This motherf***er better know the song,” and later spills the beans about the whole fan-invite shtick.

Turns out, Bublé flew all the way from Argentina to rock that stage and prove that he’s the ultimate super fan. As Grohl puts it, “There’s no such thing as taking a joke too far.” And boy, did they take it far – in the best way possible!


Didn’t catch it live? No worries – thanks to the power of social media, you can relive the magic over and over again. Bublé’s smooth vocals mixed with Foo Fighters’ raw energy? It’s a musical fusion we never knew we needed, and we’re here for it.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Bublé enthusiast or a Foo Fighters fan who just got introduced to the swingin’ side of life, this unexpected duo has us all grooving and craving more. 🎤🎸


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