Viewers who tuned into the latest Bluey episode have been left questioning a particular scene from ‘Exercise’.

The most recent episode of world-wide hit show, shows Bandit and Chilli in their bathroom weighing themselves on scales when Bandit sighs, “aw man”, before grabbing a handful of his belly.

This scene then becomes the motivator for Bandit as he realises that he should exercise more. He then gets the family together so they can exercise as a group in their backyard.

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While the message the writers were trying to convey is fairly clear, the audience has had mixed reactions with some labelling the episode “toxic” and “fatphobic” while others believe it to be important to highlight good health.

A TikTok user took to the platform to discuss her frustration over the particular scene.


“Apparently, Bluey is totally OK with fat shaming now,” she said. “I mean, overall the message of the episode was fantastic. But the fact they added in the scales and showed both parents being sad and disappointed after seeing the number on the scales, is pretty problematic.”

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Others took to Twitter and Facebook pages with similar issues, with one questioning the message that it’s sending to kids.


Others couldn’t believe the backlash that the episode had coped and joked that “it’s irresponsible of “Bluey” to send a message that it’s important to maintain a healthy weight, and do exercise.”

“Loved it. The bit with the doctor at the end meant it was about Bandit taking care of himself, not about him not liking the way he looked,” another added.

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