Minogue fans are putting the heat on Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Nick Reece to rename one of Melbourne’s iconic laneways after the Minogue sisters.

Die hard fan, Eliza Day, who launched a petition to rename a Melbourne laneway ‘Minogue Lane’, says the sisters are “undeniably pivotal figures in pop culture… Their contribution to the music industry combined with their unwavering advocacy, love and support for the LGBTQIA+ community makes them deserving of recognition.”

She makes a strong case!

The sisters were raised in Melbourne, and rose to full-blown fame in the 90’s, however, were on the scene much earlier. So, why haven’t we commemorated the duo yet? Fans aren’t picky about which laneway, just AN iconic Melbourne laneway – there’s so many to choose from!

Melbourne’s Lord Mayer Mr Reece said Melbourne “should be so lucky to name one of our iconic laneways after the famed Minogue sisters”. However, according to the naming rules, exemptions to commemorate a living person are “strongly discouraged” and generally not permitted because “community attitudes and opinions can change over time”.

I think it’s safe to say, our opinions of the Minogue sisters ain’t changin’! So, should we do it?!