We all remember drive ins – a special treat on a Friday or Saturday night! Occasionally mid week, although a cheap Tuesday was unnecessary considering how cheap it was!
If you’ve grown used to todays movie prices, you’ll be absolutely STUNNED by this newspaper clipping found on Reddit, a website where users can view and share links or text posts for others to see, in a sub category called ‘Australian Nostalgia’.
The ad in The Canberra Times, from 1985, lists sessions and session times, featuring Rambo, The Terminator, Police Academy 2 and The Gremlins! What a throwback… But what’s really grabbing our attention? The ticket prices!!! $12 MAXIMUM for a car load of people, or $6 per adult if you’re riding solo, and, of course, children get in free!
Anyone else remember being ’12’ for at least 7 years straight? If only we knew how good we had it!
Who else wants to go back to 1985?
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