Fans of The Simpsons received a surprise this weekend as the long-standing series bid farewell to a supporting character.

Debuting in December 1989 in the series premiere episode “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire,” almost 35 years ago, Larry the Barfly met his end in the latest episode titled “Cremains Of The Day.”

Larry, part of the barfly crew at Moe’s Tavern, was voiced by Harry Shearer, renowned for his portrayal of various characters like Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns.

While overshadowed by the more prominent Barney Gumble, Larry’s presence was a staple in scenes set in the bar.

Despite his decades-long tenure, Larry remained a background character with a mysterious backstory. However, in Sunday’s episode, he was revealed posthumously as Lawrence Dalrymple.

The episode delves into Larry’s surprising past, highlighting the drinking buddies’ realization of how little they knew about him.