Ed Sheeran can officially shotgun a beer, thanks to US country music star, Luke Combs.

The pair shared a video of the lesson on Monday with Sheeran noting, “for context, Luke is — what’s it (called), shooting?”

“Shotgun,” Combs corrected as he readied his beer can.

“Shotgun,” Sheeran continued. “Luke is teaching me how to shotgun a beer.”

Combs then instructed Sheeran how to shotgun, and asked whether Sheeran preferred to watch Combs first or to shotgun their beers together. Sheeran opted to go together.

Sheeran immediately called Combs’ shotgunning skill “really impressive.”


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“Cheers, mate! 🍻 (Did I do that right? Haha.),” Combs wrote in the comments on Instagram.

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