An Alabama Uber driver is poised for a remarkable 2024 after committing a selfless act—returning $8,000 in cash left behind by a hopeful teenager.

Esbon Kamau, a father of five and a four-year veteran Uber driver, formed a connection with his young passenger, Alex Tisdale. During the 15-minute ride to John Hawkins Parkway in Hoover, Alabama, Alex shared the story of how his proud father had given him $8,000 in cash to purchase a new motorcycle.

Upon dropping off Alex and heading to pick up another rider, Kamau discovered a red, Christmas-themed bag in the back of the car. Realizing it was filled with a substantial amount of money, he promptly reported it missing through the Uber app.

Simultaneously, Alex was retracing his steps, realizing he had lost the cash. Eventually, both parties reported the missing funds through the Uber app, which reconnected them. Kamau swiftly returned to Alex’s location, and the teenager was astonished by the driver’s honesty. In appreciation, Alex ensured Kamau drove off with a generous tip.

“When you do something good, OK, it comes back 10 times,” expressed Kamau, highlighting the positive outcome of his honest action.

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