The movie Snakes on a Plane is everyone’s worst nightmare and unfortunately for those on Thai AirAsia’s FD3015 flight, this nightmare came true. TikTok user @wannabnailssalon turned an ordinary flight from Bangkok to Phuket into a social media sensation. The star of the show? A small, slithery surprise that had everyone reaching for their phones.

The flight set off from Don Muang Airport with unsuspecting passengers on January 13. Little did they know, a tiny snake had secured itself a seat on this airborne adventure.

As the serpent made its debut, passengers quickly became a mix of shocked and amused. Thanks to the quick thinking of a flight attendant, armed with nothing but a plastic bottle and a bag, the snake’s aerial escapade was swiftly contained. Talk about a mile-high snake-catching championship!

Despite the laughter echoing through the cabin, the mystery of how the snake joined the passenger list remains unsolved. No brave soul has stepped forward to claim the title of the “Snake Charmer of Flight FD3015.” Perhaps the snake just fancied a tropical vacation or misunderstood the concept of in-flight entertainment. Either way, this legless traveller has left an indelible mark on the annals of airborne amusement. Safe travels, little snake! 🐍✈️

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