When you think of a Christmas gift from your employer, do you picture it being a water bottle? No? That’s totally understandable. For every single unfortunate Coles team member, this is a reality.

A Reddit user has posted Coles’ meticulous efforts to gift their staff with a water bottle for Christmas. They’ve even given a very specific set of instructions including telling their staff to write their name on the bottle. Probably a good idea if literally every member of staff is bringing in their fancy bottle.

CDN media

The Reddit user added: “Despite a year of record profits, the executives at Coles decided that the frontline staff who work their asses off and cop abuse on the daily are only worthy of a Coles branded water bottle and 5 “points” (equivalent to $5) for Christmas this year.

This kick in the face comes after months of enforcing staff bag checks and locker inspections despite the sheer number of customers who walk out with trolleys full of stock each and every day with bugger all done about it.


What an absolute joke. Do better Coles.”

Comments on the post came in hot with users saying; “I love that even your Christmas gift from Coles comes with terms and conditions. Including writing your own name on it.”

“I thought “at least they’re personalised, that’s kinda cool” but then realised its just a white box where you write your own name!? Lame.”

“i wonder what sort of Christmas bonus the suits and top tier management got”

Safe to say Coles might have put their foot in it with this one! Do you agree this is a shoddy gift?

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