The newest addition to Australian roads isn’t a legal requirement but rather a campaign run by servicing company MyCar. The campaign aims to raise awareness of road trauma and the impact it has on drivers.

‘R’ plates are for drivers returning to the road after a traumatic accident. It’s to signal to other drivers that they need more empathy and space.

The initiative is spearheaded by MyCar, an automotive repair shop based in Victoria, with the plates available to download from their website.

MyCar chief customer officer Adele Coswello said the plates weren’t just for drivers who had been in an accident.

‘It’s not just those who have had a traumatic event happen to them. It’s when you’ve witnessed an accident as well,’ she told the Daily Telegraph.

TikTok creator Dave Motoring explains ‘In the same way that L plates encourage us to give a little more space on the road, R plates are a way of showing people that you’re returning to the street after a difficult time, maybe because of an accident or an injury,’ he said.

@davemotoring R plates are a way of showing drivers that you’re anxious about returning to the road following a period away. Read about them in @The Daily Telegraph , get a free set from MyCar online, and give drivers a little more patience if you see one. #driving #anxiety #mentalhealth #selfcare #trauma #cars #australia ♬ original sound – DaveMc_Motoring

Will you be using these new plates?

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