eBay Australia has uncovered what our nation spends the most time engaging with and talking about online and the results say a lot about us.

After extensive analysis of social media and search engine data, the information reveals a list of Australia’s top 100 most loved passions, hobbies and interests.

Here’s the top ten:

  1. AFL
  2. NRL
  3. Soccer
  4. UFC
  5. NFL
  6. Cricket
  7. Gaming
  8. Tennis
  9. Travel
  10. Consumer Electronics

Can you tell we’re a nation that loves our sport?

According to the report, 22% of our online conversations are centred around sports which honestly doesn’t surprise us.

The information revealed that Victorian teams dominated the searches, with the most searched team being the Richmond Tigers followed by Collingwood Magpies and Carlton FC.


There were a few special shoutouts to Melbourne, with our city named as the home to the most vocal AFL fans as well as accounting for 32% of conversations about sneakers.

The information also reveals that we’re the nation’s most vocal gamers online, with 27% of online conversations and engagement coming from the city.

Some other honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the top ten list include:

  • 7 – Gaming
  • 14 – Anime
  • 16 – Music
  • 17 – Pets
  • 28 – Tattoos
  • 35 – Wine
  • 47 – Fish & Aquariums
  • 56 – Coffee
  • 65 – Pottery
  • 85 – Astronomy

Who would have thought Fish & Aquariums are talked about more than coffee?