If you’re keen for an icy change, how about a job in Antarctica?

The Australian Antarctic Program have opened applications for a string of jobs going at their four research stations for up to 12 months for the 2023/24 season.

Chefs, supply officers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and IT officers are among the roles on offer.

It’s worth noting that there’s also a special allowance paid on top of your base salary for living in a remote and isolated environment.

A carpenter, for example, would earn a base salary of up to $79,801 a year – plus an additional $65,341 per year allowance.

Teams live closely for months at a time, so recruiting the right community-minded people is key – and also why successful applicants are required to undergo an assessment of their personal qualities as well as extensive medical and psychological assessments prior to deployment.

In the warmer months, there can be up to 100 people at each of the four bases, but in the winter, staff numbers can plummet to just 14… so, everyone needs to, you know, get along.

Oh, and FYI, temperatures in the Antarctic can plunge to -57C.

Applications close Monday 16 January, 11:30 PM AEDT.