A pit bull named Bolo endeared himself to the officers at the Hopkinsville Police Department in just one day, leading to an unexpected turn of events.

Initially brought to the station in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, as part of a promotional initiative for the nearby Christian County Animal Shelter, Bolo’s visit was intended to last only a day. The plan was for him to contribute his charming presence to the department’s social media posts, with the hope of finding him a permanent home.

Police Chief Jason Newby shared that despite the initial plan, the officers quickly developed a deep affection for Bolo. As the day came to an end, and it was time for him to return to the shelter, something remarkable happened. When placed in his cage, Bolo lowered his head and whimpered, melting the hearts of everyone present. The spontaneous decision was made to adopt him into the police family.

But Bolo’s adoption didn’t just stop there; it took on an official role. During a Hopkinsville City Council meeting, Mayor J.R. Knight conducted a special ceremony, officially swearing in Bolo as the Hopkinsville Police Department’s inaugural “Paw-trol Officer.” This unique moment was documented on the department’s Facebook page, expressing excitement about following Bolo’s career in law enforcement.

During the swearing-in ceremony, Mayor Knight recited the traditional oath, adapting it to Bolo’s role as a Paw-trol dog committed to supporting the citizens of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Adding a touch of humor, Mayor Knight encouraged Bolo, stating, “You can bark if you want to.”

In a symbolic gesture of commitment to his new role, Bolo left an inky paw print, commemorating his bright future as the first-ever Paw-trol Officer of the Hopkinsville Police Department. The unexpected union between Bolo and the police force has not only warmed hearts but also added a unique and endearing element to the community’s law enforcement.


Credit – Hopkinsville Police Department Facebook page

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