A comet by the name of C/2022 E3 (ZTF) or more commonly known as the ‘Green Comet’ is set to light up Australia’s sky’s in early February.

Over the next couple of weeks, our sky’s will be turning green with the presence of this comet which hasn’t visited our sky’s since the Stone Age around 50,000 years ago.

The comet has been visible in the Northern Hemisphere for some time now but here’s what you need to know to see if from home.

NASA say that the comet will be closest to Earth on February 2nd before heading back out into space.

The ‘Green Comet’ will most likely be visible in our morning sky’s and you’ll apparently need binoculars or a telescope.

However, there are some reports that you might get lucky and be able to see the comet for yourself and night with only your eyes!

Let’s hope it gives us a good show because the comet’s orbit takes around 50,000 years to complete so we won’t see it again in our lifetimes.

Some scientists have also suggested that this may be the last time that it ever passes earth with a ‘quirk’ in it’s flight path suggesting that it could be heading into deep space.