Apple-addicts, here’s the 411!

September couldn’t come quicker, there are some fun new updates on the way that include:

Lock Screens

We all love the chance to personalise literally anything. We now have the opportunity to customerise our lock screen from the font of the clock to the widgets of your choice. You can add your AirPod battery life, alarms, other time zones and so much more.

The customisations are endless with the ability to change your theme colours, photos, photo shuffle backgrounds, all on multiple lock screens for you to use.

Food is also important, you can keep track of your UberEats without unlocking your iPhone along with things like live sport scores!



Carpooling to work? Apple introduces multiple stops to Maps. Now you REALLY know what time you’ll get to work with this feature creating an all in one trip!


Ever regretted a text? Or maybe made the biggest most crucial spelling error to your boss? You can now edit and unsend text messages! We’ll even be able to change the iconic blue message bubbles to whatever colour we want!


Just like texts, we’ll be able unsend emails (thankfully)! Scheduling an email will also be a thing along with sending follow ups and adding rich links.



We’ve all been in the car saying “Hey Siri, send a text to Jenna saying “Be there in 10 *smiley face*” and it comes up with zero grammar and punctuation and a weird smiley like this :-).

Gone are those days, dictation has gotten a re-vamp. It will automatically edit your grammar and punctuation in along with adding the actual emoji!

There’s so much more going on in iOS 16, check out the full update here!


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