Hello there! It’s a new day, a new week, a new moment in our lives, and I think it’s important to share a collective smile.

I’ve found some absolutely wholesome, hilarious & dopamine educing videos to give your day a boost. Here they are!

1. A Bubba & a Doggo equals too much potential for cuteness!

@jensonbluesky 😂 100% will make anyone smile. #babytiktoker #toddlersoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #doguedebordeaux #babygiggles #babylaughs #babyanddogs #infectiouslaugh ♬ original sound – Jenson

My cheeks hurt, this is so adorable! Something about baby laughs that never gets old!

2. Adorable frogs that can leap to the greatest heights, but have absolutely not landing game…


As though what ever higher power wanted to give us a reason to both cry, yet giggle all at once! These critters represent a lot of us I’m sure…

If you’re interested, the inner ear systems of these pumpkin toadlets are so tiny that they lose balance midair, resulting in their graceless tumbling. I wonder if some of my friends are pumpkin toadlets too?

3. Emmanuel the Emu is LITERALLY stealing everyone’s hearts with his silly shenanigans & bullsh*t!


As much as he reminds us of a few friends we’ve had past and present, Emmanuel Todd Lopez—that’s the infamous emu’s government name—took the internet by storm! He lives on the delightful account of Taylor Blake from South Florida’s Knuckle Bump Farms.

4. Silverback gorilla gently pats a groundhog…After watching this, you immediately become a better person – Promise!

Do you feel like a better person yet? If a 400-lb gorilla can be so kind, curious, gentle and considerate, than so could your Ex!

5. Two things that seem opposite but ARN’T and SHOULDN’T BE…Puppies & yoga – Sign me up!



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Abs seem redundant in this instance. I’ll take the puppies any day! I don’t think you can really get in shape this way, but who cares?

Thanks for smiling with me today. Hope you share this with your friends too!