An Aussie mum has been forced to defend her decision to hang an upside-down Christmas tree from her living room ceiling.

“What Christmas looks like in our house!! My way of child and pet proofing the Christmas tree,” Mel wrote in the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook group, alongside an image of her unusual tree placement.

It wasn’t long before she came under fire from fellow Kmart enthusiasts who questioned the safety of hanging a tree upside down.

“There is no way I could enjoy a tree like this… it would play with my eyes. Plus it’s really not safe. A child who has issues with touching in the first place… will pull the tree and potentially get hurt from the tree falling,” said one person.

Another added, “And you can’t put presents underneath because if you can’t trust them with a tree then how can you trust them with presents? Animals who have issues will see it as fun and the tree will more than likely fall. Each to their own but it really doesn’t make sense.”

Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia (Facebook)

In response, Mel explained: “We have been doing this since my daughters 2nd Christmas, she was born in September, so we never gave her the chance to be ‘naughty’. I didn’t want to spend a month telling a 1.5yr old NO. So this was pre planned…. and unless and adult wants to swing on the tree like a stripper pole, it’s not just going to ‘unsafely’ fall from the fecking sky … the feet are attached inside the ceiling with a support board to take the weight.”


Others were supportive of the Aussie mum’s idea, with one writing: “As a kitten foster carer (so I always have small crazy kittens) I think this is a fantastic idea! I am going to be figuring out how to do this for next Christmas!”

So, what do you think? It’s definitely unique!

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