A NEW ERA of bite-size ice cream treats are making their way to supermarket shelves across Australia.

One of the countries most iconic and “weird flex, but okay” ice treats ‘Magnum’ have released the all new ‘Magnum Bites.’

OOOOooo yeah baby! Magnum’s signature classic vanilla ice cream, surrounded by a THICK layer of Magnum’s rich, decedent chocolate providing that same out of body experience you might have had growing up whilst being offered the popsicle variety of the Magnum treat… Seriously, it was a treat, and there’s a good reason for it!

I’m no fortune teller, but I feel like a tub of these will appear in my lap in front of the TV VERY soon…

Available at Woolworths exclusively at $11.00 per pack/tub.

The treats will be rolling out across other retailers in late April.

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