Sir Richard Branson recently gave a glimpse into his daily routine. The 73-year-old, currently in the country to promote his Virgin Voyages cruise line launch, shared insights into his 24-hour schedule.

Branson, whose vast fortune is attributed to a conglomerate of businesses under the “Virgin” brand, resides on his private sanctuary known as Neckar Island. This 74-acre property, nestled in the turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands, serves as his “home and favorite hideaway.”

The entrepreneur detailed a day that revolves around physical activity and work. Starting at 6 am with a rigorous session of singles tennis, he then engages in kite surfing, gym workouts, and socializing with guests. The private island, available for rent at a staggering $US149,100 ($A225,000) per night for exclusive use, accommodates 48 adults.

Branson emphasized the importance of balancing work and play, citing the significance of staying active for both his career and personal happiness. He described his routine as a mix of physical pursuits, work commitments, and recreational activities, including bike rides and chess games.

Acknowledging the influence of family on his schedule, Branson humorously noted that everything changes when his four grandchildren are around. Underscoring the significance of adequate sleep for optimal performance, he emphasized the crucial role a balanced lifestyle plays in managing his numerous responsibilities.

As one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs globally, Branson’s net worth, estimated at $US2.9 billion (about $A4.43 billion), reflects a lifetime of achievements spanning various industries, from music to airlines and space exploration.