After much anticipation, Menz, a fourth-generation family-owned confectionery manufacturer, is set to revive the beloved Polly Waffle chocolate bar. Introducing “Polly Waffle Bites,” a bite-sized rendition of the classic treat featuring soft vanilla marshmallow, crunchy wafer, and milk chocolate.

Retaining all the original flavours that made the Polly Waffle a hit since its debut in 1947, the decision to launch Polly Waffle Bites comes after years of deliberation. Menz cites manufacturing complexities and the high costs of reproducing the original bar as reasons for the change.

Set to hit supermarket shelves in April, Polly Waffle Bites offer a deliciously nostalgic treat with a modern twist. After a fifteen-year wait, fans can finally indulge in the beloved snack once again. Stay tuned for more details as the launch date approaches!

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