Ok so not entirely guilt-free, but when you buy the Darrell Lea OCRF Milk Chocolate Egg 20c will be donated to the OCRF to support vital research into early detection, new improved treatments, prevention and recurrence of ovarian cancer and 20c from every Bilby sold will be donated to Save The Bilby Fund!

The range includes some Darrell Lea classics with an Easter twist as well as some exciting new flavours!

The Rocklea Road With Speckled Eggs is an iconic Australian treat with a tasty Easter twist. Their classic chunky Rocklea Road slab is handcrafted with creamy milk chocolate, fluffy marshmallows, crunchy peanuts and delicate coconut, then topped with delectable Darrell Lea Speckled Easter Eggs.

The Bunny Rocklea has everything you love about Rocklea Road, in a bunny!

Some exciting flavours include the Coco Pops Foiled Solid Eggs. They’ve mixed deliciously smooth and creamy Darrell Lea chocolate with tasty, crunchy Coco Pops. Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?


Raspberry Foiled Solid Eggs: A delicious combination of creamy milk chocolate and crunchy raspberry-flavoured bits.

Speckled Eggs: With a smooth milk chocolate centre and crisp candy shell spattered with spots, these Speckled Easter Eggs are fun to share and eat.

Hand Rolled Egg With 100 & 1,000s – available in Raspberry or Mint: Irresistibly smooth and creamy, this Darrell Lea milk chocolate Easter egg has been hand rolled in either raspberry or mint flavour 100s & 1000s for a crispy finish and tastes like no other!


You can pick up the range at all participating supermarkets!

The Darrell Lea OCRF Milk Chocolate Egg is available exclusively online and in-store at Coles Supermarkets nationwide.